28 days of prayer

Every year, during the month of Elul, the community at Congregation Baruch HaShem prepares for the upcoming High Holy Days through corporate prayer and fasting. We believe that the combination of prayer and fasting, when done in a healthy and biblically authentic fashion, can humble us, unite us, and grow us closer together as the community that the Lord has called us to be! Join us every day on social media for daily devotionals and conversation about our faith.

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Dates: September 1 - 28, 2019

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An invitation to fasting

Fasting, or the act of denying oneself, is a biblically-based spiritual discipline. While we know that by fasting we cannot attain to any special rewards, we also know that denying ourselves the earthly pleasure of certain foods or entertainment can humble us and p us to God. There are many ways and reasons to fast in scripture. We invite you to seek the Lord about how He might have you fast and pray during the month of Elul. Join us on social media for our daily devotionals by clicking the button below. 

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