congregation baruch hashem's creative community

From the beginning, CBH has been a place of growth and development of creativity. Many of the songs we sing at CBH are originals. We believe in giving the Lord our best, whatever that may be. The creative community at CBH gathers weekly to strengthen our skill and develop our craft. Below are some of the creative areas in our community and ways to participate. 


Our Worship Team, led by Rebbetzin Candyce, practices weekly to prepare for Shabbat Services. Each rehearsal includes a devotional, and opportunity for creative growth. 

At this time, we are not currently holding auditions for our Worship Team. 


Community Dance is an important part of Messianic Life. It takes worship to another level when you can physically express praise and adoration to God. 

At CBH, our Dance team performs Messianic dance (also known as Davidic dance) during the worship portion of our services.


The Production Team at CBH works hard to ensure the Good News of Messiah reaches outside of the four walls of our congregation. Whether they're streaming our services, running the sound or slides, or recording announcements and additional projects, this team loves creating quality content for the community here and abroad.

For more information about joining the Production Team, check out our Dream Team page or email