the four cups

God made four promises to our people relating to our deliverance. We see these apply to our lives today as well. This is what He wants for all people. 

know god

Our Shabbat and Holiday services have one goal in mind: we want you to Know God in a personal way. Our prayer is that you encounter God's love, presence, and truth every time you walk through the doors of our sanctuary; and that you leave strengthened in your relationship with the LORD.

find freedom

We want you to Find Freedom through Kesher Groups. Kesher is the Hebrew word for connection, and relational connection is where authentic community is built. God has chosen community life as a vehicle to bring us freedom, maturity, and support. Our kesher groups are centered around hubs of interest, and meet weekly on a semester schedule. Click here to download a schedule.  

discover purpose

We want you to Discover Purpose through our Mishpacha Growth Track. Mishpacha means family in Hebrew, which beautifully describes our community culture. In this four week class you will have an opportunity to connect with leadership, learn about our history, know what we believe, get connected to a Kesher group, and discover your purpose in God's family here at CBH. Classes are offered each week after service. Nosh and childcare is provided.

make a difference

We want you to Make a Difference by joining our Dream Team. At the end of Mishpacha Growth Track you will have an opportunity to talk with someone on our leadership team that will help connect you to an area of service. One of the greatest joys we will ever have in life is to fulfill our destiny in Messiah through serving others.