our story

In the year 2000, Tim and Candyce felt a burden from the Lord to move to Phoenix, Arizona and plant a Messianic Jewish Congregation. After much counsel, research, and preparation, they were released and blessed to plant a new community. In 2005, the Hyslip family moved from San Antonio, Texas, where Tim and Candyce had been serving as an Associate Rabbi and Rebbetzin for six years at Baruch HaShem Messianic Congregation under Candyce's father, Rabbi Roi Garcia. With three young sons, ages two weeks, three, and four years old, they settled in Anthem, Arizona, and planted a new community from their home. 

Tim and Candyce had a kingdom dream of planting a Messianic Jewish Community with a simple goal in mind - to see God's Kingdom established in Israel and the nations. CBH was designed to be a home where Jewish people would be restored to their Messiah, identity, and destiny within God's kingdom. Naturally, this dream would include both Jews and Gentiles who were committed to seeing God's promises to the Jewish People fulfilled in our day and in our community. In addition, this community would walk in the fullness of God's Spirit to be a light to the nations of the earth. 

From the beginning, Congregation Baruch HaShem has been a warm family community focused on reaching out to those who do not know God personally, and building relationships through home gatherings. The life-giving message of God's Kingdom, the passion and joy of Shabbat Services, and the organic style of Congregation Baruch HaShem have been markers of God's grace and favor upon us. We invite you to see for yourself how fulfilling life can be within a Messianic Jewish Community when the focus is simple and people are free to pursue the LORD with passion!