an international unity gathering

For the past four years, Congregation Baruch HaShem has partnered with churches from all over the valley to take part in a unity service. We  incorporate multicultural worship and prayer, and Rabbi Tim effortlessly weaves together the importance of Jew and Gentile coming together  to worship Yeshua (Jesus) in unity. 

                       Shavuot (SHävo͞oˈōt) is a major Jewish holiday that commemorates the giving of the Ten Commandments at Sinai. 

We see this celebrated in the New Testament in Acts 2, when the people gathered at the temple, the Holy Spirit fell, 

and thousands of Jewish souls were saved. The heart behind our Pentecost unity gathering is to catch a glimpse of what Revelation 7 would look like and intercede for as many nations as possible. 

We want to build the Body of Messiah in unity and prayer, and we have seen the Lord do mighty things in these events. 

about baruch hashem messianic congregation

Baruch HaShe                                                (bah-ROOK ha-SHEM "blessed is The Name") 

is a vibrant and growing Messianic Jewish  Congregation serving North Phoenix since 2005. Our vision is to see the kingdom of God  established in Israel and the nations. We 

participate in thebuilding of God's kingdom  through weekly services and prayer meetings,  authentic worship, and Sprit-filled Jewish holiday events such as Passover and Hanukkah.

partner with us in supporting holocaust survivors

God promised to plant His people in the land "with all His heart and with all His soul" (Jer. 32:41). By participating in the Aliyah Fund, you are partnering with the Lord and the Jewish People in bringing the Good News to all nations. This year, Congregation Baruch HaShem is partnering with Reach Initiative International in their Comfort for Holocaust Survivors program based in Israel. This group is often underserved and forgotten. They have endured tremendous amounts of pain and trauma at the hands of the Nazis, and now live in poverty, feeling alone and helpless.


It is our desire, mandate, and responsibility to extend mercy and comfort to these individuals through practical means before their time on this earth ends. You can make a difference in the lives of these precious souls.