What is the aliyah Fund?

Each year, during the counting of the Omer (50 days between the first day of Passover and Shavuot), Congregation Baruch HaShem raises support for various candidates who are either returning to Israel, or who are already in Israel. This year, we are working with Reach Initiative International in their Comfort for Holocaust Survivors program. This group is often underserved and forgotten. They have endured tremendous amounts of pain at the hands of the Nazis, and many now live in poverty, feeling lonely and abandoned. 

It is our desire, mandate, and responsibility to extend mercy and comfort to these individuals through practical means before their time on this earth ends.

God promised to plant His people in the land "with all His heart and with all His soul" (Jer. 32:41). By participating in the Aliyah Fund, you are partnering with the Lord and the Jewish people in bringing the Good News to all nations. You can make a difference in the life of another.

About Comfort for holocaust survivors

From the RII Site:

  • Regular home visits are the trademark of this ministry
  • Holiday Food Baskets/Special Gifts, and group celebrations during Jewish Biblical Feasts
  • Special excursions and vacation retreats
  • Humanitarian Aid: Food, clothing and personal care items
  • In-home care services to help with activities of daily living such as cooking, cleaning and shopping
  • Spiritual and emotional support

how to support the aliyah fund


Pray that the Lord would comfort the Holocaust Survivors with His mercy and lovingkindness.

Pray that God would grow, empower, and provide for the RII Team to reach as many survivors as possible.

Pray that the Lord would reveal Himself to this group of strong, persevering individuals.

Use #iSupportAliyah on Social Media to raise your voice about this cause!

a message from rabbi stewart winograd

We are grateful to partner with organizations like Reach Initiative International! Click the video below for more information about the Comfort for Holocaust Survivors program and Reach Initiative International.